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    Nov. 28 to Feb. 9

Sacred Heart Church | Choir

Sacred Heart Church | Choir

Sacred Heart Church | Choir

Sacred Heart Catholic Church | Choir

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Music Ministry

Music Ministry at Sacred Heart Church serves to promote full, active, and conscious participation of the assembly in the liturgy through sung prayer.  Welcoming anyone who has a desire to participate in this ministry, we serve the needs of our parish in a very active and community-minded way.  Our choirs have excellent leadership and are given the opportunity to learn and grow in an understanding of music and liturgy.  Our cantors receive hands-on training and mentoring and have a clear understanding of their role as leaders of sung prayer. Those involved in music ministry have a significant leadership role in our liturgies and special services here at Sacred Heart. We offer opportunities for adults, children and teens to enhance the worship life of the parish through choral and instrumental ensembles. Please contact sheila.hancock@sacredheartwdm.org. 

Cantor Ministry Sacred Heart Church | Men's Choir
This ministry is open to advanced-level singers who wish to expand their ministry by leading the gathered assembly in song and prayer. The ability to read music is strongly recommended and an audition is required. Training and formation will be provided. For those who have never served as cantors before, you are strongly encouraged to be a member of a choir for approximately three months prior to entering cantor ministry. 

Chancel Choir
This mixed adult choir is open to any parishioner, high school age and above, who desires to share their voice with the Sacred Heart Commuity. This choir enjoys singing pieces ranging from choral standards to new music and everything in between. The group strives to convey the Word of God through song and enhance the liturgy through music. Chancel Choir sings at various Mass times approximately 2 Sundays per month. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9 in the church.

Children’s Choir
Our Children’s Choir is comprised of young musicians, grades 3 through 8. Active from September through May, Children’s Choir sings for Mass once a month. Young voices are welcome to join at any time. Rehearsals: Sunday afternoons. 

Funeral Choir
Any parishioner who would like to serve in this choir is welcome to do so. The funeral choir is called, at he family's request, to assist in singing for Masses of Christian Burial.

Heartbeats Praise Band
The ensemble provides music for liturgy approximately once a month. It is made up of experienced musicians from various other groups within Music Mnistry.

Hispanic Music Ministry
Our Hispanic Masses are enhanced by the talent of a variety of parishioner musiciansSacred Heart Church | Hispanic Mass. Music from Flor Y Canto is sung during our 1:00 pm Sunday afternoon Spanish Mass. English-speaking and Spanish-speaking musicians are welcome to join this very important ministry which serves each Sunday liturgy. Rehearsals: Prior to when Mass is scheduled. 

KC Choir
The KC Choir is open to any male parishioners. Please note: membership in the Knights of Columbus is not required! The men sing one Mass per month and for various Holy Days and Special Holidays. Rehearsals: Saturday mornings prior to when scheduled to sing Mass.

Teen Choir
Teen Choir is a contemporary group, comprised of high school students, who love to praise the Lord through song. The group includes voices, drums, piano, trumpet, flute, and any other instrument that comes along! Our Teen Choir enjoys an upbeat style of sung prayer and always welcomes new voices – the ability to read music is not required. Active from September through May, Teen Choir sings for Mass once a month. Rehearsals: Sunday evenings.

If you play an instrument and feel called to music ministry, please contact the parish music director to explore how we can help you offer your gifts! 

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