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Sacred Heart Church | Confirmation 2014
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At Confirmation, we perfect the grace received at Baptism, strengthening the bond that already exists between the candidate and the Church. The anointing with chrism, the words of consecration and the laying on of hands symbolize and impart to the baptized person the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 

Through Confirmation, we receive increased love and strength to serve the church, and to bring ourselves, as well as others, to God. We are called to be God’s “anointed” and to act bravely, unafraid to stand up for faith. At Sacred Heart, we take our role in assisting candidates in the preparation process very seriously.

Confirmation requires a period of preparation. Candidates spend time in questioning and introspection as they learn about the beliefs of the Catholic Church. With the help of a sponsor, candidates are able to talk openly about their shared faith. To emphasize the unity of Baptism and Confirmation, the sponsor is often a Baptismal godparent for the candidate.

In the Diocese of Des Moines, Confirmation will be celebrated during the sophomore year of high school. Candidates should attend 7th and 8th grade at either Sacred Heart School or Children's Faith Formation. During the candidate's freshman year, candidates will meet approximately once each month. The celebration of Confirmation will take place during the sophomore year.  

Sacred Heart Church | Confirmation 2014

Confirmation Requirements

Confirmation for the Diocese of Des Moines in high school. Formal preparation begins in the freshman year. Students must have attended either religious instruction at Sacred Heart School, Sacred Heart Children's Faith Formation or a program at another Catholic church. Our team will determine placement for candidates who have not been previously enrolled.

Youth Ministry and Children's Faith Formation, in coordination with Sacred Heart School, have developed a program that will guide our young members into a stronger faith, and an understanding of the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Students who attend Children's Faith Formation should attend 7th and 8th grade on Wednesday evening in preparation for Confirmation during the sophomore year.

Sacred Heart School students will continue to receive religious education at Sacred Heart School in 7th and 8th grade, and will join all candidates in 9th grade, in preparation for Confirmation during the sophomore year.

In 9th grade, all students will attend periodic classes to prepare for Confirmation. Classes will be held approximately once a month with some slight variation. Confirmation will be held in the fall of the 10th grade year. Please contact Youth Ministry or Children's Faith Formation for further details. Below you will find listed materials we will need from you. 

Baptismal Certificate: We must have a copy of the student's Baptismal Certificate. If Baptized at a parish other than Sacred Heart, the certificate can be faxed to our office at 515-225-0286 or scanned and emailed to Debbie Chalik: If the candidate is Baptized at Sacred Heart, we must have a copy of the certificate, OR the exact date of Baptism. At Sacred Heart Church, Baptismal records are kept by date, not name. For students who received First Eucharist at Sacred Heart Church, we will check our files to see if we have a copy.

Sponsor Selection: Early in the process, candidates will choose a sponsor to act as a mentor and guide through preparation. 

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