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Love in the Heart of Christ 2013

Each fall, volunteers from Sacred Heart Church gather to provide service to parish members and people from our community. In 2013, 200 volunteers tackled 70 projects. This year was the seventh anniversary of Love in the Heart of Christ.

Parish History

When the very first Sacred Heart Church was constructed in Valley JunctionSacred Heart Church | History in the late 1800s, members had been gathering for several years. Sacred Heart Church has a long and spiritual history as a part of, and an important contributor to, the community in which she dwells. If you are interested in learning more about Sacred Heart Church and the rich history of the parish, click here.

Few people realize that within any Catholic church, there is nothing that is placed there without reason. The stained glass windows at Sacred Heart are a perfect example, full of meaning and beauty. We invite you to take some time to read about each window.  Click each line to learn more:
Sacred Heart Church | WindowsWindow Placement
Window 1
Window 2
Window 3
Window 4
Window 5Sacred Heart Church | History
Window 6
Window 7
Window 8
Window 9
Window 10
Window 11
Window 12
Window 13
Window 14
Window 15
Window 16
Window 17
Window 18

In nostalgic conversation about the history of Sacred Heart Parish, there is an important lesson. The members who were the leaders in the formation of Sacred Heart are no longer here, but the traditions and commitment with which they lived are still evident. They grew up with Sacred Heart, strong in their faith, devout in its practice and exemplary in their relations with the rest of the community. Sacred Heart Parish today is as strong, if not stronger, than it was in those by-gone days when the founders were in the midst of the activity. Today Sacred Heart Parish numbers about 2,000 families.

Church Environment

Sacred Heart Church has a team of volunteers who provide a beautiful, seasonal environment for worship at Sacred Heart Church. The liturgical calendar changes with each new spiritual season, and with it, our surroundings. With careful placement of colors and symbols, we encounter a spiritual journey that reminds us of the never ending Love of Christ.

Sacred Heart Church | Worship

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